Friday, August 24, 2018

Poppet Month 6

Dear Denna,

Six months is not a long time, and yet you've changed so much from that little baby I cuddled in those wee Saturday morning hours.

This month you started eating solid food. Some days you seem really eager to eat and will eat a whole lot. And, some days you don't seem that into it. You like most of it too. Except for peas. Your dad understands your feelings on that one. I miss the easy, breastmilk-only, poopy diapers, but I'm excited to have you that much closer to eating table food and feeding yourself. 

I noticed this month that my breastmilk supply was dwindling and dwindling fast. We had to start supplementing with formula on the weekends because if I tried to exclusively nurse you, you would end up hangry. Plus, when I would pump at work, I wasn't even getting one bottle a day any more. I stretched it as long as I could but ultimately am letting go of this important milestone with as much grace as I can. Luckily, I had such a huge supply in the freezer when you started at daycare that there are still a few more weeks of breastmilk for you. 

You joined me at LeakyCon, a Harry Potter fan convention, this month. I hope to one day share my love for these books with you by reading them with you. But, even if you don't get as into it as I do, I cherish the day we spent together at that convention. You did so great as I pushed you around all day to panels, visiting the marketplace, and watching other Harry Potter fans.

I had thought you would have your first tooth by now. Especially since you had been a little fussy at times. But, so far, nothing.

Happy six months, baby girl! I can't believe half a year has already passed since you made our family whole.