Sunday, June 24, 2018

Poppet Month 4

Dear Denna,

You've adjusted well to your days at daycare. Everyone comments about how sweet you are, and it is true. You are very sweet. You're quick to smile and now you even laugh.

You love to watch your big sisters, and they love to play with and talk to you. Greta a little too much sometimes.

You are starting to practice your talking quite a lot. I love to hear you talk to whatever has your attention, your hands, your pacifier, your feet, the mobile on your bouncy chair. 

I went out of town for a couple nights on my first work trip since you were born. You were nice to your daddy and slept through the night that first night. I was a little worried how it would go for your dad with all three of you by himself for the first time. So, I was happy you were easy on him. 

Because of that I knew you were capable of sleeping through the night. And, I'm determined to not make the same mistake I made with Greta and continue to nurse you when you wake up so that when you eight months old, we're still doing this. So, starting this week, you are officially cut off. 


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