Thursday, May 24, 2018

Poppet Month 3

Dear Denna,

There was a glorious week or two this month when you were sleeping through the night. Then, you stopped. Partly because I stopped swaddling you at night.

You were starting to roll over, and while you hadn't made it onto your stomach yet (still haven't), I was paranoid you would do it during the night, and if you were swaddled, wouldn't have your arms free to push your face off the mattress. 

  Now, you're waking up about twice a night again. Most nights you eat a little and then go right back to sleep. And then there are THOSE nights. The ones when you won't go back to sleep so easily and I'm up for an hour or more trying to get you to sleep. Though I'm a seasoned enough mom by now to know this won't go on forever, it feels that way right now. At the moment, I'm getting through with lots and lots of coffee and hope that just around the bend is the end of this particular tunnel. Don't fret though. I learned my lesson with Greta. I'm not going to continue to give in to the late night demands for long.


Also this month was a big step for both of us as I went back to work, which means you started at daycare. I wasn't worried about whether you would be in good hands because I knew you would be. You have the same teachers who took care of Greta when she was a baby. So, I knew they would take as good care of you.


That doesn't mean I didn't have mixed feelings about going back to work, because I did. And, I definitely miss you and your big, toothless grins during the day. When I got home on that first day of our new reality, you were lying on the floor content and quiet. Then, as soon as you heard my voice, you started to fuss.

All the teachers in school comment about how much you look like Greta. I think you resemble Willa more. And, when I show them a picture of all three of you in the same onesie, everyone can pick out Greta. Almost no one can tell which one is you and which one is Willa. Everyone loves your sweet smiles. How can they not?


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