Friday, June 3, 2016

Butternut Month 11

Dear Greta,

Where did my baby go? When I cuddle with you these days you take up so much more room than you used to. I swear it was just the other day I could lay you down and not worry about your roaming all over the house. And now there is no containing you.

This month you discovered cabinets and the wonders they hold within their doors. Your favorite thing to do is pull yourself up on the cabinet pulls and then open and shut them fast so there's a lot of noise. You never fail to look at me with the biggest grin on your face while you're doing this.

Because more than once we have had to swoop in just before you pull things out of the cabinet you shouldn't, we finally did some more baby proofing. Mainly the cabinets that hold either cleaning supplies or sharp and/or breakable objects. You have expressed your great displeasure at discovering your favorite toy receptacles won't open any longer. You looked at me like it was the greatest betrayal in all history.

You do not sit still. I'll watch you stop to play with something and think you'll be there occupied for a bit. So I'll turn to do something and when I peek back at you a couple minutes later, you've moved onto something else. Hence why we really were overdue for baby proofing. 

When I play music while cooking, you don't give me strange looks like your sister. Instead, you dance right along with me. You love the movement. Clapping your hands, bouncing, patting your legs (or mine). You're all about finding that beat.

Every day we get closer to walking. You'll stand on your own for about 30 seconds. But you haven't quite got the confidence or balance to step out. But you are quick to grab our fingers and take off walking around the house. When I sit down with you, you are immediately trying to get down. When I set you on the floor, you do not let go of my fingers and you start walking to wherever it is you want to go. And if I want to avoid causing you to fall, I have no choice but to follow. Because either way, you're going to keep going.


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Ilya said...

She can soon try dance classes for fun.