Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Butternut Month 7

Dear Greta, 

Happy 7 months, baby girl! 


You've been crawling a lot more recently. Especially on our tile or wood floors where it's easier for you to pull yourself along. You like to get up on your hands and knees and are rocking like you know there's something you can do to move forward but you haven't quite figured it out yet. It won't be long before you're going all over this house all by yourself.

The other night you were standing up while holding on to the ottoman. I was barely touching you so you were holding yourself up. You were having a great time banging on the ottoman while also trying to eat it. I wouldn't be that surprised if you skipped crawling on your hands and knees and went straight to walking.

You're still not sleeping through the night. And up until last week, I was still nursing you at night. Then I realized that you weren't still nursing at night because you were hungry. I knew it was time to stop that habit. It's been really hard this past week or so. Before you'd nurse for 10-15 minutes and then go right back to sleep. Now that you're not nursing, it's taking longer most nights to get you back to sleep. A couple nights ago, we were up for two hours trying to get you back to sleep. Even though it's been rough, I know it's the right thing for all of us. That we will all be happier if you can start sleeping through the night. So I'm hoping that eventually you won't need us to get you back to sleep when you wake up at night. That you will be doing it all on your own.

When we moved last spring, we knew we had to find a new church. It took us some time but eventually we found one that felt right for us, which meant we were finally able to schedule your baptism. You were an angel in your christening dress and did great during the service. When you leaned in to give me one of your open mouth kisses (the kind where it feels like you're almost trying to eat my face), you melted the congregations' heart as I heard one big "Awwwww." Your extended family joined us for the service and then came to our house for lunch, where you weren't feeling the hostess role and instead took a nap. Everyone forgave you.