Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 Recap

Whelp. 2015 was a big year for us. We definitely did not sit idle.

It started in January. I got a promotion to vice president of marketing. I didn't blog about it for a couple reasons. One, I haven't done much blogging lately aside from my Butternut letters. Two, I don't talk about my job much online. My Facebook post from January sums it up pretty well:

It is rare when I talk about my job on social media. This is a deliberate choice. I want to break this self-imposed rule today because I have some big news I want to share with you, my friends. I have been promoted to vice president of marketing at Insurance Technologies Corporation! A couple years post-graduate school into my career I realized where my dream was, where I wanted to be. And for the last 3+ years I have lived it and I continue to live it every day. Life is good.

Almost a year later, this hasn't changed. I love my job and the people I get to work with. 

In February, John started a new job. As a result of his new commute and the fact that we were expecting a baby, we decided to sell our house. We wanted a little more space and to move closer to both our jobs. After a crazy and stressful couple months, we managed to do just that.

We love our new neighborhood and commutes. Seriously, it now only takes me 15 minutes to get to work when traffic is bad. We love our new house. In fact, John just asked me last night if I missed anything about our old house. The answer was not much.

Then Greta came. And our lives and hearts expanded even more.

(Pictures by Sassypants Photography)

It's hard to explain how it happened. It just did. I don't love Willa any less because of Greta. I just found more capacity to love within myself.

Right before I came back to work after having Greta, we discovered John's old Jetta needed repairs that would cost more than it was worth. So we bought a minivan. 

It's still a little weird for me to think of myself as a minivan mom now. But that's what I am. It has already proved itself to be the right car for us multiple times. It certainly made getting all of us, Cooper and our bags and Christmas presents to and from Christmas celebrations much easier.

Also recently, we crossed off a huge goal for us: we got life insurance. Adulting advanced level unlocked. (More on this later.) (Hopefully.)

So in 2015, I got a promotion. John got a new job. We sold our first house. Bought a new one. Had a baby. Bought a car. Bought life insurance. (We've done our part for the economy this year.)
And this was just the big things. We also went to Hilton Head, South Carolina, on a trip with my friends from graduate school. 

We went to Hot Springs, Arkansas, for our first vacation as a family of four. (Willa had croup. It was not the best trip ever, but we still had a good time.) 

2015 was a huge success. I hope 2016 is ready. It's got to follow a really great year.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Butternut Month 5

Dear Greta,

This month you started giggling. You laugh most often at your big sister, which makes my heart grow every time I witness it. You've also found your feet. If you're not otherwise contained, your feet are going automatically in your mouth. I wish I had your flexibility.

We've tried to give you rice cereal a couple times now. The first time you were so hangry you wanted nothing to do with it. I'm not sure what your deal was the second time, but it was only slightly more successful than our first attempt. We'll try again in the next few days. Fingers crossed you take to it soon and start to get more calories from table food.

It may be silly, but I'm hoping that as you start to take in more calories, you'll start consistently sleeping through the night. Every month as I increase how much milk you drink at daycare, I have this hope. But to no avail. Yup. Those late night feedings are still happening. Sometimes you even wake up twice. Once again this month, you did sleep through the night a few times here and there, but that was it. I'm doing my best not to wish away a time I might later miss, but I'm going to be frank. I'm tired.

You've become quick to reach for and grab things. You've knocked cups of water over, pulled a full juice bottle off the counter, and will grab a fistful of hair without hesitation. Much to your sister's consternation. I've tried to tell her she either needs to let me put her hair up or stay out of your face. She hasn't really grasped that lesson yet so you keep pulling her hair, and she keeps acting surprised that you did it. I'm sure it won't be long before you do it intentionally.

We have gotten many comments lately about how you don't cry. And you don't, unless you're hungry or tired. You're such a laid back, easy going baby that we'll put you on your playmat or in your chair, and you could be fine there for at least 30 minutes. It certainly makes getting things done around the house easier.

You ran your first Turkey Trot last week. Well, to be fair, I did all the running. You slept in your stroller for the first mile or so. I was a little worried about how you would do, and if you needed to eat, that I was going to have to stop and sit on the curb to nurse you. I should have known better because I know you just go with the flow (see above paragraph). I hope you come to enjoy that Thanksgiving tradition as much as I do.