Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Butternut Month 4

Dear Greta,

This month you've worked on perfecting your skills rather than adding more to your collection. You're adept at rolling over preferring to sleep on your stomach than your back so you immediately roll over as soon as we lay you down. You're holding your head steady and are reaching for the toys that hang on the handle of your car seat. You're even trying to contribute to the morning conversations between me and your big sister on our way to daycare.

One thing you're still not really doing... sleeping through the night. Though you've done it sporadically through this month. When you do wake up, I'm not immediately feeding you and am instead seeing if I can get you back to sleep first. But sometimes you insist upon it, so we still have an occasional two a.m. cuddle just the two of us. And though I would really like my uninterrupted sleep back, I really do enjoy those cuddles when the house is quiet.

So quick to smile, I love to be the one that brings a smile to your face. But, I love it even more when it is your sister that makes you smile. 

You are so alert watching everything around you. Whether it's a fan, the blanket you're lying on, or your sister, you are often content sitting where you are, watching what's around you. You even sometimes forgo an afternoon nap because you insist upon watching the other babies in your classroom. (Though evenings would be a little smoother if you would just take that nap. I'm just saying.)

You're such a laid back baby who goes with the flow. Even if it involves enduring the storm that comes with a toddler's tantrums. Thank goodness you can still nap just about anywhere.

Daddy and I had tickets to the A&M vs Alabama football game a couple weeks ago so you and Willa stayed at your Aunt Lola's house. I completely forgot your milk until we pulled into their driveway. Since we didn't have the time to go back home before we left for College Station, I bought some formula. I felt like a horrible mother having to do that and was anxious how you'd do taking formula. Until that day, you had only ever had breast milk. I made Lola swear to text me after your first bottle. When I got the text that you sucked it all down, I felt a little less like a bad mother. I am glad to know that when the time comes, you shouldn't have any problem transitioning to formula.

It's hard to say whether you enjoyed your first Halloween. You were Lambie to Willa's Doc McStuffins. The lamb headdress was huge on your head. While you didn't mind it at first, I did take it off after we had been trick or treating for a little bit. Eventually, you got tired, so I carried you until you fell asleep. I'm just grateful no one was throwing up this time.

Sometimes when I'm holding you and we're having dinner or just sitting around the living room, I can't help but look at your daddy and remind both of us how blessed we are.