Thursday, September 3, 2015

Butternut Month 2

Dear Greta,

Happy two months! Life hasn't changed that much in the last month though you are changing every day. You're starting to get chunky. You've got dimples on your elbows and knees now and one on your cheek that shows up when you smile. It's adorable. You've also started to coo at me when I talk to you. It is the sweetest sound.

You've been sleeping in your own room for the last month, and, though I don't want to brag too much in case I jinx it, you've already started sleeping through the night. I put you down about 8/8:30, and you will usually sleep until 7/7:30. There is the occasional night when you wake up once, but more often than not, you don't. I am grateful but wary. Your sister was sleeping through the night until I went back to work then she stopped for a while. I would not be surprised if you did the same.

Earlier this month we had a sip & see party for you when family, friends and neighbors dropped by to see you. The most common comment I hear about you is how much dark hair you have. The second most common is how much we look alike. 

Last week we took a little family vacation to Hot Springs, Arkansas. My plan was for a long weekend of fun just the four of us. But Willa got sick so we ended up spending most our time in the condo we rented. You didn't mind. You enjoyed hanging out with us whatever we did. When we did get to explore Hot Springs National Park a little, you rolled with it and did beautifully.  You were great in the car. Since you're rear facing, I have no idea if you slept the whole time. But even if you didn't, you were content and quiet.

I finally finished your birth story a few days ago. It took me several weeks to write it all out as it's quite a long story. As painful and as hard as it was to live through, it is one of the most beautiful memories in my life, and one I will cherish. Always.

We're almost to the end of our full time together. In 11 days, I'll go back to work, and you'll start at the same daycare as your sister. Part of me is looking forward to getting back to normal. But part of me is sad. I have enjoyed every second of my time with you on maternity leave. I'm going to miss you during the day just like I still miss your sister.


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