Friday, March 27, 2015

Nugget Year 2

Dear Willa,

Yesterday I got nostalgic and watched old videos of you from two years ago. It can be hard to remember the sweet baby you were when faced with the sweet, talking, running, sometimes screaming toddler you are today. 

It is so much fun to watch you discover the world around you. From recently learning what certain animals say (dogs, cats and ducks), to cautioning me when things are hot (even if they're not at the moment like how you always tell me the oven is hot even when it's not on). 

Your vocabulary continues to expand, and I delight every time I figure out a new word you're saying. It took me a while to understand when you said heart, as I kept hearing hot. And every car and truck on the road is a bus. Even your car that Santa brought you at Christmas you insist on calling bus. We had this conversation a couple weeks ago:

You: My bus
Me: No, that's a car.
You: Bus
Me: Car
You: Bus
Me: Do you hear how car sounds nothing like bus?
You: Bus

Touche, baby girl.

Your two-year wellness visit is on Monday so I don't know your stats. But we'll go with healthy and tall. You've got to be only eight inches shorter than your cousin Lily, who is two years older than you. Of course, ever since you arrived, your Aunt Lola and Omy insist that you will be the tallest of the three older girl cousins.

You love to watch "Finding Nemo" and call it turtle with an emphasis on each syllable that kills me with cuteness. One of your favorite things is the baby doll we gave you at Christmas. As soon as you opened that package, you squealed "BABY!" and then wouldn't let her go. I hope you have as much enthusiasm for your baby sister when she gets here. But a little less throwing her around.

These next couple months are going to bring about a lot of change in our family. One of which is moving to a new house. The biggest of course is your baby sister. I'm not concerned of whether or not you will adjust. Because you will. When we ask you where you baby sister is, you point to my swelling baby. One night earlier this week, I asked if you wanted to give your baby sister a hug and kiss, and you threw your arms around my belly and gave it the sweetest kiss.

You are not stingy with your affection often cuddling into my arms as I read you a bedtime story or giving me hugs first thing in the morning. But on the occasion I ask for a kiss and you refuse, all I have to do is pout and then you'll grab my face with both hands and give me a kiss. Mommy guilt is a strong force that I promise to wield only for good.

Happy 2nd birthday, my sweet Nugget, my baby girl.