Thursday, January 29, 2015

Six Month Recap

Six months? It's been six months since I last blogged. What happened to me? 

Well, the usual. I got busy. I lost my motivation to write. And so I neglected this space. I actually forgot about it at times. (Except for every time I read The Shape of Me and Other Stuff by Dr. Seuss to Willa. In the book there is a big animal of an unknown nature called a blogg. Without fail, every time I would feel guilty.)

Here's a quick recap of what we've been up to over the last six months:

Drove to Missouri in July for my cousin's wedding. It was Willa's first wedding.

In August we spent a few days at the Schroeder family cottage in Ephraim in Door County, Wisconsin. It rained a bit, but we had a great time. We went on a bike ride through the state park and went to The Farm where Willa had so much fun petting the cats.

September was crazy as usual for us. There were football games, and we flew up to Boston/Rhode Island for my good friend Laurel's wedding. The wedding was in Rhode Island, but we got to spend a day in Boston, which made my heart happy. Even better, we left Willa with my mom so it was a kid-free weekend. I also had a work trip to California.

October things calmed down. We got family pictures done. And there was Halloween of course.

We also got this news right before Halloween.

Yes, I'm pregnant again. Butternut is due July 8. We'll find out if it is a girl or boy in a couple weeks. (More on all this later.) Though we found out right before Halloween, we didn't tell anyone but immediate family until right before Christmas when I shared the above picture on Facebook and Twitter.

November and December were a blur of holiday fun.

At the beginning of this month I got a promotion at work (now the vice president of marketing). And, John is changing jobs in a couple weeks.

Now you're caught up.

I have more I want to talk about. Especially with Butternut. So I don't expect to be on as long a hiatus. But I may not be consistent either. I will do the best that I can.

So, how are you?