Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Owed: One Birthday Party Post

After I finished the month of daily photos in March, I promptly forgot about this space as I got wrapped up in the final details and planning of a major event at work. And before I knew it the calendar said May, which is impossible because April is supposed to be between March and May, and I'm not entirely sure April happened as don't remember much about the month. It's all kind of one big blur.

Then at some point in May I remembered that I have a blog. Which was like finding out about a project you said you'd do only to realize the day before the deadline that you completely forgot about it. Surprise! You're a bad blogger. Please start paying attention to your blog, or you will lose whatever little readership you have and will be fired from the position of sorta, kinda blogger.

Bad blogger. Bad.

Okay, enough hand slapping. Let's move forward, shall we?

Willa's birthday passed (almost two months ago), and I never talked about it. I teased it a bit in my daily photo posts here, here and here. But I owe you a full post about Willa's birthday party. So, let's get to it.

I was a bit overwhelmed at first thinking of the theme as there were so many possibilities. I chose ladybugs because it seemed so fun and given her birthday is late March, I thought it worked perfectly with the time of year. I wanted to keep it pretty simple and low key. We invited family to our house. And I think I did a good job of balancing stuff I made with purchasing stuff. I knew if I tried to make everything for the party, it would be too much.

I found the invitation design on Etsy and ordered prints through Vistaprint.


For decorations I found ladybugs at Hobby Lobby and placed them on the walls. I also found these black and red flower name card holders that had tiny lady bugs on them at Hobby Lobby. I used my Cricut to make the birthday banner. We also hung up streamers and paper lanterns and had red and black balloons around the house to play with.

By far my favorite decoration was the 12 months of Willa. I order prints of my Instagram pictures from throughout the year and used ribbon to hang them on the wall.

The dessert table ideas all came from Pinterest. There were ladybugs on a log (celery with peanut butter and dried cranberries), caterpillar kabobs (fruit kabobs), antennae (chocolate covered pretzel rods and rock candy sticks), ladybug juice (Crystal Light) and cupcakes with "ladybugs" (chocolate dipped strawberries). We also grilled hamburgers for dinner.

And of course the smash cake.

At first she wasn't too sure about the cake kind of poking her fingers into it but not really eating it.

So I put a bit in her mouth so she could taste it. After that it was pretty much over. Literally up to her elbows in cake: 

 Done with cake? Time to throw it all on the floor!

Family picture! (Before the cake and subsequent mess)

All said and done, we had a great time. Willa enjoyed the attention and the festivities. And my baby girl is officially no longer a baby. (Though she will always be my baby girl.)


Elisa @ Globetrotting in Heels said...

oh my goodness, she is soooooo cute! I love the cake pictures! Smart thinking, taking off her dress ;-) :-D

Jen said...

OMG, Willa's party looks like a Pinterest Fairy Tale! What a cutiepatootie! The cake pics are awesome.

Drew Watts said...

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