Thursday, March 27, 2014

Nugget Month 12

Dear Willa,

When we were dealing with late night feedings, learning how to latch, counting how many pee and poop diapers every day, and tracking how long you nursed, today felt like a long way off. And yet here we are. No longer a baby but a toddler with opinions and places to go.

Last week I had a horrible day. But that night you took your first steps unassisted, and like that it became the happiest day of the month. I've been expecting you to start walking for a while now. You had the ability but lacked the confidence. Well, you finally found it, and I couldn't be prouder. My favorite part of you walking is how you giggle while you walk. You are clearly having fun, and that brings a smile to my face.

As your confidence in your walking continues to grow, we get closer to the transition from the infant room at daycare to the toddler room. 

Last Saturday we had your first birthday party at our house. The guest list was kept small to just grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. But there was no lack of love for you in the room. You loved showing off your new walking ability and had so much fun watching the older girls play. When we present you with your cake, you only just played with it at first sticking your fingers into the icing. It was only after I put a small piece in your mouth that you figured out you were supposed to eat the cake, and then you went at it. Eventually you had enough and just started throwing it on the floor, which made Cooper's day.

One of our favorite things to do right now is to crawl into our room and shut the door on us so you can make faces at yourself in our full-length mirror. You've also become fascinated with Cooper's tail. Luckily, he doesn't mind it too much though he's pretty quick to move once you grab hold.

12 months is a time of big transition. You've already transitioned from baby food to table food and given up the paci. Next up is formula and bottles. Once we finish our current stock, we'll transition to cow's milk in sippy cups. Luckily, we already introduced you to the sippy cup a few months ago so I'm not worried about you having any trouble with it. Of course, I probably just jinxed myself.

Happy birthday, baby girl! May you have many, many more.


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