Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Month 6 Day 5

I'm an early riser. With the exception of my college years when I stayed up way too late and thus slept in way too late, I always have been. (Okay okay so I was an reluctant early riser as a teenager, but I still got up early. Swim practice waits for no teenager, and if you were late, you got 200 flys. Trust me. You didn't want to get 200 flys.) I actually like getting up early. There's comfort in the morning quiet before the world wakes up. Because I do get up so early, I am normally the first one to go to bed. Rare is the night that I'm the one turning off lights and the last one in unless John is so tired that he goes to bed early. Like the other night. I finished picking up the living room and doing the dishes, and after locking the house up, I walk into our bedroom to find this image waiting for me. It was too cute to resist capturing.

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Jenn said...

Okay, that is just adorable! Cooper's all snuggled in :)