Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Month 6 Day 4

A few weeks ago we decided Willa was fast outgrowing the infant carrier car seat, and it was time to make the switch to a convertible car seat. We were going to have to buy a seat for each of our cars so the plan was to stagger them a bit. (Side note, those car seats are NOT cheap. But I reasoned that it's not something I wanted to skimp on anyway.) Get the first one; save a little and keep the infant carrier in one car with the new convertible in the other; a month or so later, buy the second convertible seat. Only, a few days after purchasing the first seat, I got an email from another retailer offering 30% off the exact car seat we bought. 

After some discussion and number crunching, we decided to go ahead and get the second convertible seat, which saves us a little more than $100. I'll take that deal, thankyouverymuch. When he installed the second seat, John brought the infant carrier in the house until he gets a chance to transfer it up into the attic. One of Willa's current favorite activities is to crawl into the seat and sit there watching us. I couldn't stop laughing the first time she did it because I saw her crawling into the room, turned around to do something real quick and by the time I turned back around she was sitting in the seat watching me like it was her throne.

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