Friday, February 14, 2014

Baby Valentines

In our normal every day routine, I am responsible for drop off duty of Willa at daycare in the morning while John takes care of the pick up.

There are occasions when we swap or one of us takes both jobs for the day. There was one such day last week where we switched, and I got the joy of seeing Willa's face light up when I picked her up. Her teacher handed me her bag and daily rap sheet (when she ate, when she slept, etc), which had a new sheet stapled to it. I was then told about the Valentine's Day party they would be having this week.


I couldn't understand why they were having a Valentine's Day party for babies who can't eat chocolate, can't read cards, and had no idea what Valentine's Day is. But there's little I love more than a party and an opportunity to craft. So I decided I was game for finding something to do for the other babies in her class. 

Since I didn't have any ideas on my own, I turned to the modern crafter's favorite source of inspiration: Pinterest, where I found the idea to do this:

I already had the paper and pens at home so I only had to buy the baby food. I cut the paper out to fit on top and wrote a punny Valentine's message. Voila! Baby Valentines.

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Jenn said...

These are seriously adorable! Happy Valentine's Day friend! :)