Monday, February 17, 2014


It's never been something I could force. My writing. If it's not flowing from my head or heart through my fingers onto the page or screen, I stare at at the emptiness trying to think of something, anything, to fill the space that wouldn't sound trite or like I was trying too hard.

What to write about? Motherhood and raising a daughter are evident. I write letters to Willa here so one day she can read them. Beyond that though I don't know how I want to write about this experience yet. There are many words that I could expend on this parenting thing. I just haven't figured out how to string them together.

Since this is my personal blog, I prefer to leave work-related subjects alone. We haven't been doing a whole lot of projects around the house. I could blame the lack of DIY on Willa (you know a baby DOES take up a lot of time after all), but then I think of people like the Petersiks over on Young House Love and realize we're just not super motivated to do anything right now. But there has been a little bit of things going on, and once they get to a shareable point, I will. But know they've been going slowly. Very slowly.

So instead of forcing something I wasn't feeling, I've left this alone knowing that somehow someday it would come back to me. 

It always does.

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