Monday, January 27, 2014

Nugget Month 10

Dear Willa,

Every day that brings us closer to your first birthday takes us further from the baby that you are and almost aren't.

At 10 months you do not like to sit still. Which made getting your 10 months pictures quite difficult. On top of that, you for some reason did not like the sticker. Every time I'd put it on your shirt, you'd pull it off. Finally, I just stuck it to your back so I could get at least one picture.

You grew a new tooth on the bottom this month, which brings your teeth count up to seven. I think you may be working on another one, but it must be a stubborn tooth because you've had your finger in your mouth continually over the last two weeks and still no sign of it.

Crawling is now entirely done on your hands and knees. You don't hesitate to follow one of us into another room or even go off to explore on your own. Which means we end up chasing after you to make sure you don't get into something you shouldn't.

More than crawling, you are also cruising. You love to push your walker around the house and will giggle as you try to catch one of us. You look so delighted with yourself and this new skill every time you set out. 

When the sun shines through the back window and Cooper is in the backyard, you will crawl over to it, stand up and then start banging on the window and yelling as if to say, "Me too! Let me out too!" When the weather is nice, we'll take you outside, and it's obvious how much you love it.

A couple weeks ago, you developed croup. Such a miserable sounding cough. You didn't seem too put off by it and the subsequent cold. After a few nights of steam showers and humidifier, the cough went away, and we were left with wiping the snot off your face for several days.

But the milestone that brought the biggest smile to my face was hearing you say "mama." You may not have been calling my name, but the fact that you finally got the sound filled me with joy. You've been saying "dada" and "baba" for weeks. I was beginning to feel jealous.


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Elisa @ Globetrotting in Heels said...

She is really, really cute! happy 10-month birthday!