Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Nugget Month 8

Dear Willa,

You adjusted to your first full month of formula with no problems, which is what I expected. I had a little harder time with it than I had thought I would. But after a week or so, I was fine.

This month you had your first stomach bug. Unfortunately, you got it the day before Halloween, and you still weren't feeling super great on Halloween itself. Of course, you passed your bug to me, and then Daddy got it so the holiday was pretty much a waste. I felt bad when I checked Facebook the day after Halloween and saw all the pictures of kids dressed up, and I realized I did not have a picture of you in your first Halloween costume. So a couple days later when we were all feeling much better, we put your costume on you so I could at least get a picture or two of you as a jack-o-lantern for your baby book.


A couple months ago, your Grandpa and Grandma brought back from Illinois your great-grandma Willa's christening dress. This dress was hand embroidered by your great-great-great-grandma and is about 100 years old. So it is very special. For your baptism this month, this dress is what I wanted you to wear. Luckily, the dress had been preserved well, and once I got it cleaned, it was absolutely beautiful. Many people commented on your dress, and everyone who heard the history all agreed that it was a special thing that you got to wear the same dress for your baptism that your namesake wore for hers.


Last week your daycare had a little Thanksgiving lunch and invited all the parents. Since Halloween was a bust, this was my first school party as a parent. To say I was excited would be an understatement. I really loved getting to come see you in the middle of the day and have lunch with you. I hope it's something I never get tired of. I remember my parents visiting me at school when I was little to have lunch with me. It's one thing on a list of many I've looked forward to doing as a parent.


We've started giving you puffs and yogurt melts, and you LOVE feeding yourself. Though the sippy cup continues to be more toy than vessel to get liquid in your mouth. 


You continue to expand your range of exploration, crawling over to Cooper's water bowl so you can splash around in it. Or sitting up at the coffee table and pulling every single thing off its shelf. It's really quite fun to watch you. Especially when you look so proud of yourself.



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