Friday, September 27, 2013

Nugget (Month 6)

Dear Willa,

It's been six months since you changed our family dynamic with your beautiful presence. Half a year. It seems like a lifetime ago, and I wonder what I did with all that time I had before you were born. I remember thinking in those early weeks that six months felt so far away. Yet here we are.

Yesterday I left for a work trip making this the first time I've been away from you overnight. When the time came for me to kiss you goodbye, I was definitely choking back tears. I'm sad not to be with you today, but I keep reminding myself that it's not that big a deal. It's six months, not your actual birthday. Still, every milestone in your first year of life is important. Thank goodness for FaceTime so I can still see you and talk with you and Daddy.

Speaking of my work trip, it was at this conference last year that I first spoke your name out loud to someone besides Daddy. Your dad and I had agreed to keep your name a secret from everyone except immediate family. But I was riding the high of just making your pending arrival public news, and when one gentleman asked me about names, I couldn't help myself figuring I didn't really know him and might not see him again. We hadn't officially decided on your name, but Willa was at the top of my list so that's what I told him.  

Last month we started you on rice cereal. Now you've added vegetables and fruit to your developing palate. You've had squash, sweet potatoes, carrots, peas, green beans, apples and peaches. And you love every bit of it. Seriously, you have not turned away anything we've tried to give you.

You've started army crawling. I love watching you see something you want and pull yourself on your stomach to get to it. Mostly you go after Cooper. Sometimes he'll allow you to play with his feet and sometimes he gets up and moves so he can enjoy his bone in peace. Don't take it personally. That dog gets overly protective about his bones.

You cut two teeth this month! I didn't even realize it until you grabbed my finger one day and stuck it in your mouth where I felt that first tooth. Then it all clicked into place, and I retroactively figured out why you had been so crabby recently. I have to be careful to make sure you don't chomp down with your teeth on my fingers now.

We've reached the beginning of the separation anxiety stage. Earlier this week when I dropped you off at daycare you started to cry as I walked out the room, which just adds to my guilt at leaving you for three nights. I hope you're having fun with Daddy and Cooper. I miss and love you, baby girl.


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