Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Nugget (Month 5)

Dear Willa,

What a big month you had. We took a trip to Colorado to visit some of my friends. It was your first time on an airplane. On the way to Denver, you did great not fussing much. It was a bonus that the people around us were very nice and understanding that it was your first flight. I wish I could say the same about the flight home. 
You did not get to sleep as long as you needed on the flight home as we had to let the woman next to us out to go to the restroom. As a result you were cranky and made sure everyone on that plane knew it. A kind flight attendant let me stand up in the back so I could have more room to rock you, and you were almost as grateful as I was. When we started descending into the DFW area, I sat back down with you, and you nursed and fell back asleep, and all was good with your world again.

You discovered the 80-pound sack of sugar we call Cooper. He loves you and likes to show it with continually attempting to lick any part of you he can get away with. You will sometimes reward his efforts with a giggle, which I'm sure only encourages him to keep trying.

You're the champ at rolling over and delight when you find yourself in front of our lamp with the floor-length paper shade that you love to kick because of the noise it makes. In fact, you're so good at rolling over that taking this month's photos proved difficult because every time I laid you on your back you promptly rolled over to your front.

When we had the quarterly birthday get together we do with my side of the family, we did what we always do for the third quarter birthdays... went swimming. You loved being in the water, which does not come as a surprise because you think bathtime is about the best thing ever.
A couple days ago, you had rice cereal for the first time. You try to grab the spoon as we feed you so I think it's safe to say you like it. Next up, pureed vegetables, yum!


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Jenn said...

I can't believe she's 5 months!! And her expressions are priceless- so cute.

And ps. What crazy person on sitting on a plane next to a sleeping baby asks to get out??? Hold. IT.