Friday, August 23, 2013

A Dog and His Girl

Cooper has always been a very sweet dog. Yes, he gets overly excited when people come over (ZOMG! PEOPLE! AT MY HOUSE! WE MUST BECOME BEST FRIENDS!). Or when he hears the word walk (MY FAVORITE THING!) or bone (MY FAVORITE THING!). And there's always a certain time of day when he starts sprinting around the house, which we like to say he's taken his crazy pill.

But he's never been aggressive towards other dogs or people. So when I thought about Willa and Cooper, I never worried that he might be aggressive with her. 

My concern was how neglected Cooper would feel when a baby would take up more of our time, and what I looked forward to was when she would be old enough that they could play together.

When we first brought Willa home and she cried, Cooper would worry about what was making that noise he didn't recognize. After a week, he got used to her and pretty much left her alone. We did our best to give him as much attention as we could, and he seemed to adjust to life with a baby much like it was before she came along.

However, in the last couple months, he's become increasingly interested in her. He lies near her and is always trying to lick her legs, hands or face (we do our best to keep him from licking her face, but he is sneaky, our dog).

Willa too has started to notice Cooper. I can see her watching him carefully, taking note of this strange thing that runs around and gives her weird, wet kisses.

When we sit with her and Cooper is nearby, she reaches for him and grabs hold of his fur. He just lets her, which is amazing because our baby girl does not have a light grip. I've got scratches on my hands and arms from her grabbing me. Sometimes I even get marks on my boobs from her gripping while she nurses.

So I absolutely love that he is not bothered by her grabbing handfuls of fur. I hope it's the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

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Jenn said...

Aw, they'll be besties. Cooper's such a good boy :)