Saturday, July 27, 2013

Nugget (Month 4)

Dear Willa,

We've settled into our routine of daycare drop off/pick up, and a month and a half later things are going well. You haven't gotten sick yet (knocking on wood), and you seem to enjoy the people who take care of you. Plus, you have all those older babies to watch, which you love to do.

This month you figured out how to roll over. First you could only go from on your stomach to on your back. But just a few days ago, I laid you down on your back and went into the kitchen for something. When I came back a few seconds later, you were on your stomach. And every morning I get you out of your crib, you're on your stomach (and I know you did not start out that way). The other night I watched you roll across the living room, and I realized your dad and I are in for it. Now that you're able to move around the room at your own leisure (and you start pretty much as soon as we set you down), we're going to have to be more careful about what you can get to.

We drove up to Kansas City for your cousin's birthday party. I wish I could say the drive went as well as your last road trip, but that was not the case. We had only been on the road for an hour when you woke up and started to cry. So we pulled over to give you a break. We did this two more times, and I began to wonder if we would ever make it to Kansas City. Finally, I just crawled into the back so I could play with you and keep you entertained. That seemed to work as we were able to drive for longer stretches, and from then on one of us sat in the back with you for the rest of the drive both to Kansas City and on the way home.

You've found your feet, and you are always trying to stick one or both in your mouth (everything's going into the mouth these days). Once you even fell asleep holding onto one of your feet. There's a stretch at the end of Bar Method class called Happy Baby. If I didn't fully get why it is named that before, I get it now thanks to you.

You're starting to sleep through the night more often, just recently going a whole week of every night sleeping 10 hours. There are still nights when you don't (like last night when you woke up at 2 a.m.), but I'm keeping my fingers crossed we're over that hill, and there will be more nights of sleeping 10 hours straight than not. 

I love to make you laugh. When I change your diaper, I like to tickle your tummy and listen to you giggle like it's the best game you've ever played. And let's face it. Your only four months old so that is probably the best game you've ever played. Peek-a-boo and the Hokey Pokey are a close second and third. 


Whatever I can do to make you smile or laugh, I'm going to do. No matter how ridiculous I sound or look. Your smile is worth making a total fool out of myself. Though truthfully I never really had a problem with making a fool out of myself before. I'm sure your Aunt Lola, Uncle Buddy or Omy and Opie would be glad to show you pictures and tell you the stories one day.



Jenn said...

Look at that smile! She looks so happy :)

my soul is mine said...

Wooww,, you have a pretty child. I like her smile.