Thursday, May 16, 2013

Nugget's Nursery

Several months ago I showed you how we painted Willa's room, with three cream walls and one navy blue wall that also had a checkerboard pattern.

Last week we finally added the final touch to her room, which means I can finally reveal the nursery to you!

As you can see I didn't have a theme. Instead I focused on the colors... navy blue, yellow, coral and white. It started when I chose navy blue for the yarn I used to make Willa's baby blanket. Then I pulled in the other colors when choosing the fabric for the crib bedding. As soon as I saw the chevron pattern, I had to have it. Which is why I used throughout the room.

(Funny story... when I bought the extra chevron fabric to make the curtains, I had thought the chevrons would be going horizontal. It wasn't until after I washed the fabric and laid it out to cut and iron that I realized the chevrons were going to be vertical. Not what I had originally pictured in my mind, but it's grown on me.)

This is my favorite part of Willa's room. I wish I could say it was completely my idea. But I saw it on Pinterest and knew I had to make one for Willa. There will be a how-to post at some point.

The gallery wall:

At the center of the wall is a print of two lines from the e.e. cummings poem that my friend Laurel read at our wedding. A friend of mine sells it in her Etsy shop along with a couple other prints I included in Willa's wall. You can see to the left of this print is a picture of Cooper and a print of a mom elephant with her baby that I also found from another awesome Etsy shop.

I used several of my favorite pictures from our pregnancy announcement shoot in the wall as well as some of the extra fabric leftover from the crib bedding. Also seen in the image below, an apostrophe print from my friend's shop and the "All because two people fell in love" elephant print also from Etsy.

The "Made in Texas" canvas was a gift from a good friend, and I love love love it. She knows me well. The elephant and rabbit reading print is from the same Etsy shop as the mom and baby elephant print from the other side.

And in the last close up of the gallery wall, more pictures from our pregnancy announcement, another piece of leftover fabric, a third print from my friend's Etsy shop and the yellow W on a navy chevron pattern from (you guessed it) Etsy. Can you tell I love Etsy?

The white shelf I got from IKEA along with the yellow and coral lanterns.The silver heart bank and stuffed puppy were gifts. The blue elephant and "I love you more than bacon" sign I got from Paper Source.

The dresser and lamp came from IKEA. The diaper caddy I found in a shop on Etsy. The final touch was a few of my favorite pictures from Willa's newborn shoot.

Okay, so I know I said the Scrabble wall art was my favorite in the room. Truth is, I love it all. Each print and picture in the gallery wall. Willa's newborn pictures, the ones of just her and the ones with us. I think it all came together quite nicely.

There are several elephants incorporated throughout the room. Looking back that's about as close as I got to a theme. Really, I just gravitated towards any elephants I saw because I like elephants, and it's an indirect reference to A&M (seniors at A&M are called elephants).


Anonymous said...

I stumbled across your blog through your friend's blog "a home in the making." I, too, enjoy navy blue and yellow together, and I must say, I love those vertical cheveron curtains. A home in the making said that you had them made through an etsy shop. Could you tell me which one? Or where you bought the fabric so I can get some and make my own. Great nursery by the way. Love that it's not your typical baby girl colors, but something that she can grow with for numerous years.

Becky Mochaface said...

Thanks! More than a year later and I still love those colors. I still gravitate towards navy, especially when I'm buying clothes for her.

I made the curtains myself. I can't remember where I found the fabric. I just googled navy chevron fabric and looked around til I found a place that had the yardage in stock I was looking for.