Monday, May 27, 2013

Nugget (Month 2)

Dear Willa,

This month started out rough and got way better. The first couple weeks your crying because you were overstimulated was very frustrating, and there seemed to be little that would calm you down. Finally, you seemed to be getting past that particular stage, and we moved you into your room.

That first night when you slept in your room instead of in the Pack 'n Play in our room, I gotta be honest... we slept so great. And it wasn't but two nights later that you started sleeping through the night. I think moving you into your own room was the best move for all three of us so we could all get the best sleep possible. We weren't waking up at every little sound you made, and you were able to sleep without one of us picking you up every time you started to cry just a little.

And since that first night, there have only been a few exceptions when you don't sleep through the night. One such exception, you woke up in a panic because your leg got caught in the crib. 

This month you went on your first road trip as we drove down to the San Antonio area for your Grandpa Speer's funeral. You did great in the car sleeping most of the drive as well as sleeping in the hotel and during the funeral service. Your extended family loved meeting you, and you soaked up all the attention like a champ.

You started smiling at us several weeks ago. Getting you to smile has become my favorite morning activity. I like to tell you everyday that in exchange for feeding you and changing your diapers, you have to pay Momma and the acceptable forms of payment are smiles, hugs, and I love yous, and since you can only manage one of the three right now, you have to smile at me as much as you can. 


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