Thursday, May 23, 2013

How To: Scrabble Wall Art

Last week I finally revealed Willa's nursery. One of my favorite parts of her room is the Scrabble wall art I created. 

While I'm sure I saw it first on Pinterest, I can't find my original inspiration for the Scrabble wall art in Willa's room otherwise I would link to it. When I was preparing to make the Scrabble wall, I did come across a website where you could buy a non-personalized version; however it is not cheap. I spent about $45 to make Willa's.

Here's how I did it.

The hardest part was figuring out what words would work in the space I had. I used paper squares to create various mockups on the wall until I figured out exactly what words I wanted to use.

I purchased a couple 1x6 planks of wood at Lowe's. I chose pine because it closely resembled how the real Scrabble tiles look without additional work and didn't need much sanding. I asked a Lowe's employee to cut the planks for me into six inch pieces so I had 6x6 squares. I did end up sanding the cut edges down.

I used a stencil to draw on the letters and numbers.

 And painted in the stenciled letters and numbers using black acrylic craft paint.

 Once they had been painted, I used Mod Podge to sort of seal it in so the paint will hopefully not run or smear over time.

I thought of several different ways to hang them (3M hanging strips and French cleats to name two) but ended up using sawtooth picture hangers to hang each square individually. When hanging I didn't get too particular about the spacing between each square as I just wanted it done. So it's not spaced perfectly but surprisingly it doesn't bother me at all.

That's it. It really wasn't a complicated process. And a great deal at $45 for a perfect piece of wall art for Willa's room.

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Nice one! Great art and artist as well. I also wanted to have a name tag using scrabble tiles, wouldn't it be nice? :D