Monday, March 11, 2013

Pregnancy Surprises

Between movies and TV usually showing pregnant women with the same pregnancy symptoms and other women I know who have had babies, I felt prepared for some of what would come with being pregnant... morning sickness, exhaustion in the first trimester, sore boobs, the constant peeing, nesting, food cravings and the swollen feet and general difficulty in getting around in the third trimester. 

(Some of these I experienced more than others. My morning sickness only lasted a few weeks and was really easy to get over by eating a handful of crackers. And I never really had any food cravings. At least nothing weird. I did crave more sweets than I normally eat, but that was it.)

But there were a few things that took me by surprise.

The round ligament pain that forced me to stop running early in the second trimester, then went away but has now come back with a vengeance in these last few weeks. It's nearly impossible to roll over in bed without pain. Plus, I have to sit all the way up just to move from one side to the other.
The indigestion I had in the first trimester.

The almost constant running of my nose and subsequent snoring that John definitely does not appreciate.

The carpal tunnel (!) in my hands. Apparently, the way I sleep with my hands curled into my body and the extra fluid is putting more pressure on some important nerves in my hands/wrists, which means my hands feel very stiff whenever I get up for one of my hundred nighttime trips to the bathroom.

It just confirms what everyone says... every pregnancy is different. What one woman experiences is not necessarily what another will.


Jenn said...

The carpal tunnel is an interesting one! And, probably super annoying :). It's so true - everytime I hear someone talk about specific pregnancy 'symptoms', they're usually one or two that no one else had! Everyone's body is different!

Meredith Hunter said...

I'm glad you posted this. I had a list too; even if people don't necessarily know in advance, when they google their weird symptoms and this pops up, it will help them feel less freakish. :)

(Says the woman who googled "new allergies after pregnancy" this morning.)