Friday, March 15, 2013


Some miscellaneous thoughts that I can't really flesh out into full blog posts of their own. Some pregnancy related, some not.

- As this pregnancy comes to an end, I am feeling so many different emotions. But one that stands out right now is anxiety. Over how the whole labor/delivery is going to go down (because let's face it deep down I know I'll be fine and get through it but not knowing just how I'm going to feel makes me nervous). But mostly it's the not knowing when. It's like I have a ticking bomb in my belly, but someone forgot to put the countdown timer in a place where I can see it. The timer is counting down, but I have no idea how much time I have to choose between the red and blue wires and so I stand there frozen with indecision, holding a pair of wire cutters and sweating profusely.
- Google announced that it is getting rid of Google Reader, which gives me the sads as that's how I read all the blogs that I read. And I read a lot. According to some articles, this likely spells the end of Feedburner as well. Feedburner is what I use for this ole blog's RSS feed. So I'm going to be looking into other options. But for now, if you subscribe via Feedburner, should be fine. You can also subscribe via email if you want.
- I miss my shoes. TOMS have really been great for my swollen feet, but I miss my heels.

- Last week I got a jury summons in the mail. For April 5th, three days after my due date. Since I have no idea when this bundle of joy is going to launch herself into the world, I obviously can't commit to showing up for jury duty. I requested, and was granted, a postponement of fulfilling my civic duty because there's no way they were going to deny a 9-month pregnant woman. Although they had no way of knowing that I am pregnant and close to delivering, I find the timing of the summons hilarious.
- Am I going to be able to accomplish anything aside from taking care of Nugget during my maternity leave? Sweet grilled cheebus I hope so.
Don't tell John, but I'm considering repainting our bedroom. Don't get me wrong, I still like the blue (it's such an improvement over the brown it used to be). But part of me yearns for something a little more dramatic. I don't plan to do anything about it any time soon. Just an option I'm turning over in my head.
- I wish I had more energy to clean my house right now. It's driving me crazy, and I really just want to clean everything in sight. But just thinking about it exhausts me and makes my back hurt.
I keep getting asked when my last day at work is going to be. I don't know because I'm working up until she gets here. And I HATE not knowing. Any bets on when the Nugget train starts pulling out of the station?


Nicole Tucker said...

Love the "ticking time bomb" analogy!
My guess for arrival is March 29th. Possibly sooner because you already have the urge to nest but not too soon because you still have control over not *having* to do and clean and move everything. Yet.

Jenn said...

Aw, jury duty has the BEST timing! :)

I think nugget will arrive March 21. ;)