Monday, February 25, 2013

Sweating Prego-Style

One of my biggest challenges during this pregnancy has been accepting the limitations of my body as it works to create life. Growing a human is not an easy task and at times is physically draining.

Four months or so ago, I had to stop running as it was too taxing on my body causing my ligaments to be more sore than they were on non-running days. But I was determined to stay active and not lose my habit of daily exercise. So I started walking Cooper in the mornings instead of running and bumped my Bar Method attendance from three days a week to four.

Bar Method has been fantastic. It's an intense but low impact workout so as my pregnancy has progressed I've been able to continue to go. Yes, I've had to start doing some of the pre-natal modifications, but I'm still getting a great workout and burning calories.

Now that I'm eight months pregnant, and the Belly is something that cannot be mistaken for anything other than what it is, I get quite a few stares whenever I walk into a class. And it seems like at least once week, someone comes up to me after class and tells me how impressed she is that I'm still doing Bar Method.

I guess I can see why they are impressed, but I have my reasons for remaining so dedicated to working out at a time when no one would blame me for skipping it altogether.

1. I'm hoping that it might, just might, make labor a little easier to handle. This could be complete wishful thinking and naivete, but if trying to stay in shape could in the slightest way reduce the intensity of labor, I'm going to work out as much as I can.

2. But mostly, I'm counting on this workout discipline of mine to help me get back to pre-pregnancy shape a little faster and easier.

I worked so hard six years ago to lose weight that I don't want to lose that momentum. And so until it becomes too difficult for me to do, or my doctor tells me to stop, or Nugget decides to make her entrance, I'm going to keep going to Bar Method.


Michele said...

We have SO MANY BM moms-to-be in Boston that it's not rare to see them in every class. All have sworn it helped them during pregnancy, during birth and quickly to get back into post-pregnancy shape. I'm sure it will do the same for you!

Anonymous said... will totally help, especially if you get back into the swing of things after the doc tells you it's okay. Keep it up! I ran on Saturday & did okay, but I know my running time is limited.

Jenn said...

Friend I'm so impressed! I think it's hugely awesome that you're still working out and can only be doing your body and your baby good :)