Thursday, February 21, 2013

Our Fur Baby

Pretty much since the day we met him and brought him home, John and I have joked that Cooper is our four-legged, furry baby. And he has been.

But now he's weeks away from being displaced.

When I stop thinking about how Nugget is going to change mine and John's lives, I think how she'll affect Cooper's. 

Lucky for us Cooper is not an aggressive dog. In fact he's so not aggressive that we joke that he's a lover not a fighter. And seeing how he is around our nieces and any other kids that might happen to stop by our house, I'm not at all worried about him becoming aggressive with Nugget. 

The most we are going to have to watch for is him licking her face. 

What does worry me is how Cooper is going to handle getting way less attention than he's gotten over the last nearly four years.

Even now as the only "kid" in the house, when he doesn't get all the attention he wants, he becomes very whiny and demanding. Sometimes I think he even gets a little depressed. I'm imagining that behavior getting a lot worse soon.

So I've started to talk to him in the silly hope that maybe just maybe he might understand me on some level. I explain to him that though the little one who is on her way is going to take a large chunk of attention away from him, in about a year or so, he's not going to care because he will have a new best friend when she starts playing with him.


Elisa @ Globetrotting in Heels said...

Exactly! It might take him a little while to get adjusted, but Cooper and Nugget will have the best time!

Jenn said...

Aw, poor Cooper! But, you're right - Cooper and Nugget will be best of friends sooner than he realizes! :)