Thursday, February 14, 2013

Once Upon a Pillow

Once upon a time, there was a pillow. Not an ordinary pillow mind you. While it doesn't have magic powers or anything (although I could make an argument that it kinda does), it is a special pillow.

A young mom made this pillow for her daughter when she was just a babe. There was a matching blanket, but it was the pillow the daughter formed an attachment with. It was her security blanket if you will. Or security pillow. Whatever, you get the point.

The girl's attachment to that pillow was very strong. Something about cuddling with that pillow drew her thumb to her mouth every night while she slept. (See, I told you it was magical.) When the girl was five, the doctor told the young mom that they needed to stop the girl's thumbsucking so she wouldn't have dental issues when her permanent teeth started to come in and recommended they try taking away the pillow. So that's what the girl's parents did (without incident of a five year old throwing a tantrum), and the thumb sucking stopped. Problem solved.

(This was the story of the pillow I had heard my entire life. Only it doesn't end there, and it wasn't until this past weekend that I heard the rest of the story.)

When the girl was six, she found her pillow again and begged her mom to let her have it back while promising that she wouldn't suck her thumb. Reluctantly, the young mom let her have the pillow back. But that first night, like magic, her thumb was back in her mouth.

The second time time around, the girl was not going to be separated from her pillow and go quietly into the night. To soothe her distraught six year old over the heartbreaking loss of her beloved pillow, the young mom made a promise. That she would keep the pillow safe and one day give the pillow to her daughter's child passing it on to the next generation.

And my friends that is exactly what the mom did this past weekend when she gifted her daughter with the long gone but never forgotten pillow so that she could pass it on to her own daughter.
Even though the promise has been fulfilled, the story is not over as the next chapter of the story of the pillow will continue with the next generation.


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That is the sweetest! I'm so happy your little girl will get to enjoy it too :)