Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Hump Day Humor: Drunk History

I love these videos. This one is about Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison.

NSFW for language.

ANSWER - Tuesday Trivia: Buildings

What prominent Washington, D.C., building has a gargoyle of Darth Vader peering down at passersby?

Washington National Cathedral, on its northwest tower. The futuristic sculpture was based on a drawing that placed third in a contest held in the 1980s by the Cathedral and National Geographic World magazine (now National Geographic Kids). Other winning entries are also represented on the tower.

Congratulations to Cheko Aguilar for being the first - and only - to get the correct answer!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Tuesday Trivia: Buildings

Tuesday Trivia is a weekly post of interesting trivia questions. Leave a comment with your answer - or best guess - and come back tomorrow to see if you were right. Happy guessing!


What prominent Washington, D.C., building has a gargoyle of Darth Vader peering down at passersby?

Monday, February 25, 2013

Sweating Prego-Style

One of my biggest challenges during this pregnancy has been accepting the limitations of my body as it works to create life. Growing a human is not an easy task and at times is physically draining.

Four months or so ago, I had to stop running as it was too taxing on my body causing my ligaments to be more sore than they were on non-running days. But I was determined to stay active and not lose my habit of daily exercise. So I started walking Cooper in the mornings instead of running and bumped my Bar Method attendance from three days a week to four.

Bar Method has been fantastic. It's an intense but low impact workout so as my pregnancy has progressed I've been able to continue to go. Yes, I've had to start doing some of the pre-natal modifications, but I'm still getting a great workout and burning calories.

Now that I'm eight months pregnant, and the Belly is something that cannot be mistaken for anything other than what it is, I get quite a few stares whenever I walk into a class. And it seems like at least once week, someone comes up to me after class and tells me how impressed she is that I'm still doing Bar Method.

I guess I can see why they are impressed, but I have my reasons for remaining so dedicated to working out at a time when no one would blame me for skipping it altogether.

1. I'm hoping that it might, just might, make labor a little easier to handle. This could be complete wishful thinking and naivete, but if trying to stay in shape could in the slightest way reduce the intensity of labor, I'm going to work out as much as I can.

2. But mostly, I'm counting on this workout discipline of mine to help me get back to pre-pregnancy shape a little faster and easier.

I worked so hard six years ago to lose weight that I don't want to lose that momentum. And so until it becomes too difficult for me to do, or my doctor tells me to stop, or Nugget decides to make her entrance, I'm going to keep going to Bar Method.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Our Fur Baby

Pretty much since the day we met him and brought him home, John and I have joked that Cooper is our four-legged, furry baby. And he has been.

But now he's weeks away from being displaced.

When I stop thinking about how Nugget is going to change mine and John's lives, I think how she'll affect Cooper's. 

Lucky for us Cooper is not an aggressive dog. In fact he's so not aggressive that we joke that he's a lover not a fighter. And seeing how he is around our nieces and any other kids that might happen to stop by our house, I'm not at all worried about him becoming aggressive with Nugget. 

The most we are going to have to watch for is him licking her face. 

What does worry me is how Cooper is going to handle getting way less attention than he's gotten over the last nearly four years.

Even now as the only "kid" in the house, when he doesn't get all the attention he wants, he becomes very whiny and demanding. Sometimes I think he even gets a little depressed. I'm imagining that behavior getting a lot worse soon.

So I've started to talk to him in the silly hope that maybe just maybe he might understand me on some level. I explain to him that though the little one who is on her way is going to take a large chunk of attention away from him, in about a year or so, he's not going to care because he will have a new best friend when she starts playing with him.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Once Upon a Pillow

Once upon a time, there was a pillow. Not an ordinary pillow mind you. While it doesn't have magic powers or anything (although I could make an argument that it kinda does), it is a special pillow.

A young mom made this pillow for her daughter when she was just a babe. There was a matching blanket, but it was the pillow the daughter formed an attachment with. It was her security blanket if you will. Or security pillow. Whatever, you get the point.

The girl's attachment to that pillow was very strong. Something about cuddling with that pillow drew her thumb to her mouth every night while she slept. (See, I told you it was magical.) When the girl was five, the doctor told the young mom that they needed to stop the girl's thumbsucking so she wouldn't have dental issues when her permanent teeth started to come in and recommended they try taking away the pillow. So that's what the girl's parents did (without incident of a five year old throwing a tantrum), and the thumb sucking stopped. Problem solved.

(This was the story of the pillow I had heard my entire life. Only it doesn't end there, and it wasn't until this past weekend that I heard the rest of the story.)

When the girl was six, she found her pillow again and begged her mom to let her have it back while promising that she wouldn't suck her thumb. Reluctantly, the young mom let her have the pillow back. But that first night, like magic, her thumb was back in her mouth.

The second time time around, the girl was not going to be separated from her pillow and go quietly into the night. To soothe her distraught six year old over the heartbreaking loss of her beloved pillow, the young mom made a promise. That she would keep the pillow safe and one day give the pillow to her daughter's child passing it on to the next generation.

And my friends that is exactly what the mom did this past weekend when she gifted her daughter with the long gone but never forgotten pillow so that she could pass it on to her own daughter.
Even though the promise has been fulfilled, the story is not over as the next chapter of the story of the pillow will continue with the next generation.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Hump Day Humor: Banned Commercial

This hilarious commercial was banned from the 2007 Super Bowl.

ANSWER - Tuesday Trivia: Airports

In what country is the major airport named for a legendary 13th-century conqueror?

Mongolia. Its airport in Ulan Bator was named for Genghis Khan in 2006, using the official Mongolian spelling of his name, Chinggis Khaan.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tuesday Trivia: Airports

Tuesday Trivia is a weekly post of interesting trivia questions. Leave a comment with your answer - or best guess - and come back tomorrow to see if you were right. Happy guessing!


In what country is the major airport named for a legendary 13th-century conqueror?

Friday, February 8, 2013

Revenge of the Nerds

John and I are nerds. This is no secret. We like sci-fi shows and movies. We read fantasy books. We play a lot of board and card games. (Some of our favorites: Settlers of Catan, Cards Against Humanity, Kingsburg, Dixit.) We geek out and get excited over nerdy things like Harry Potter (me) or new video games (John). 

We've embraced our nerdness. John'll buy t-shirts with nerdy jokes on them like one that says "Revenge" with a dinosaur hurtling towards a meteor. (Or is it asteroid? I can never keep those straight.) I'll spontaneously start singing The Mysterious Ticking Noise from Potter Puppet Pals.

John was a theater geek in high school. I read Shakespeare ahead of the class so I could understand it better.

I could go on, but you get the idea. We're nerds.

A roommate of mine once said, "Nerds must date other nerds so they can get married and make more nerds."

So basically, Nugget has no choice... with us as parents, she likely won't be sitting at the cool kid table. I hope she's okay with that.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Book Review: Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close by Jonathan Safran Foer

This book is about Oskar Schell - a 9-year-old boy who two years after his father dies in the World Trade Center on 9/11 finds a mysterious key among his dad's things and embarks on a quest that takes him back and forth across New York City hunting for the lock and maybe some closure.

It's hard to describe how I feel after reading this book. The writing is disjointed and hard to get into but I think that's intentional because Oskar clearly has some trouble dealing with his father's death. 

There's also a side story of Oskar's grandparents who survived World War II and the Holocaust that at first was hard to determine its purpose in the greater story but might actually be to remind us of other awful, tragic events that people have survived. But mostly I just found the grandparent story creepy.

I think this is one of those cases that you're better off just watching the movie as I can't think of anyone I would recommend this book to.

Disclosure: No one paid me in any way, form or fashion for this review.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Hump Day Humor: Manti Te'o's eHarmony Ad

Manti Te'o's EHarmony Ad - watch more funny videos     

ANSWER - Tuesday Trivia: Agriculture

In what country did farmers develop a square watermelon?

In Japan. The square shape makes melon easier to store and ship. They're formed on the vine by being inserted into cube-shaped tempered-glass boxes.

Congratulations Shelley for being the first to get the correct answer!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Tuesday Trivia: Agriculture

Tuesday Trivia is a weekly post of interesting trivia questions. Leave a comment with your answer - or best guess - and come back tomorrow to see if you were right. Happy guessing!


In what country did farmers develop a square watermelon?