Friday, January 4, 2013

Twenty Thirteen

Last year was all about small, monthly goals instead of a resolution for the year. I did like having the monthly goals. Something to strive for every month. Sometimes it wasn't anything big and sometimes it was. Sometimes I met all my goals and sometimes I didn't. But for the most part I did accomplish a lot.

(Speaking of, my only goal for December was to paint Nugget's room, which we we did finish. Technically, I finished Tuesday, but dammit it's done. As soon as I have a camera again, I'll share pictures of it because my phone is not doing it justice. But let me just say, it is AWESOME.)

I'm not going to continue that this year because let's face it. In a few months, Nugget is going to be here and that will just go all to hell. The years before that I picked a word or phrase to use as my inspiration for the year. (2010 was Serenity. 2011 was Live Passionately.) So I'm going to go back to that.

My word for 2013 is Appreciate.

In a few months time, my life is going to change on a scale I can barely imagine at this point in time. I want to enjoy these last moments of the quiet as well as this time of just me and John.

I want to enjoy these last months of feeling her move inside my belly. Even though shit is about to get real around here as she (and my belly) starts growing rapidly.

And after she's born, I want to enjoy the time I'll spend with her before I go back to work.

Plus all the other changes, both big and little, that our wee one will introduce into our lives, especially those that I don't realize yet.

So for me, that's what I want from 2013. Conscious appreciation and enjoyment of what I have and where my life currently is. Instead of worrying about the future, I want to enjoy the right now.

(Okay, okay, instead of worrying quite so much about the future. I can't quit a lifetime habit cold turkey people.)


Jenn said...

Eekks! When are you getting a camera! I need to see this paint job!! :)

Nicole Tucker said...

Love this. always.