Monday, January 7, 2013

That Which We Call Rose

We decided on Nugget's name months ago actually picking it out before we knew we were having a girl. It was a relatively easy decision for us actually.

What I had been debating was whether or not to share the name. I liked the idea of keeping it a secret for a few reasons. 

First, it would be one opinion I could avoid while pregnant. Not that all the opinions I get bother me a whole lot. For the most part, they are well intentioned though there are quite a lot, which can be quite overwhelming. So if there was a way to reduce that number even a little bit, I was inclined to try it.

But mostly, there's something about keeping the name to ourselves for now and then announcing the name with her arrival that I find so sweet.

What I did not expect was how entertaining it could be when other people ask about names. The first question is always "Do you have a name picked out?" 

The follow up question is the one that varies depending on who's asking. I find women who have not had children or those whose children are grown will ask what the name is while those women who have had children recently will ask if we're sharing the name.

I like to make a game of it and guess which follow up question is going to be asked. And I'm usually right.


No we are not naming her Rose. I had to be a literary nerd and use some Shakespeare for the title of this post. You know... "What's in a name?"

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