Thursday, January 10, 2013

Rounding Third and Headed Home

Dear Nugget,

We're in the last stretch. The last few months before you make your grand entrance into this world and our family.

I had a dream about you this week. It was strange as dreams tend to be, but I have no doubt that the baby I held in my dream was you. And I woke up really excited and looking forward to a few months from now when I actually will be able to hold you.

It was the first time I dreamed about you since I knew I was pregnant. You see, before we knew you were on your way, back when we were starting the process of fertility treatment to get pregnant, I had a dream about a baby. A baby I had never seen before, but as I held her I knew she was my daughter. It was from that dream that I found peace with the process we were in. That I was able to accept what we were going through. I remember telling your daddy about that dream and saying to him that we were going to have a child. That I didn't know exactly how or when it would happen for us, but someday we would be expanding our family. (I was as certain about that as I was the day I realized I wanted to marry your daddy. No doubts whatsoever.) It wasn't long after that dream that I took a pregnancy test and got the surprise positive result. You brought me peace and happiness even before I knew about you and for that I am grateful.

(By the way this dream is why I was so convinced you were a girl way before we knew for sure.)

So to see you again in my dreams this week was very welcome. Parts of it I know won't come true. Like how I labored without any pain (as much as I may wish, that is just not the reality of giving birth). But there were parts that I do hope come true. Like how you had your daddy's smile. I love how he grins when he says something funny or is really pleased with himself. And seeing you with that same smile made me happy.

Baby Girl, there are so many things I am looking forward to in the years to come... watching you play with your cousins, showing you the magic that can be found in books (Harry Potter!), helping you to find your place in this world to name just a few. But what I am looking forward to the most right now is seeing your face in reality and not just in my dreams.



Anonymous said...

Love! - Aunt La

Omy said...

Sweet! Love Omy