Monday, December 3, 2012


Friday evening on my way to the store, I got a call from John to come home immediately as our house had been broken into. I immediately turned around and got home as fast as I could alternating between mentally making a list of things they possibly could have taken and freaking out about Cooper as John didn't give me any indication if he was okay.

Right after I pulled into the garage, Cooper came running out completely okay to my intense relief. What was not okay was our back door. The miscreants had busted it open completely tearing off the trim.

They got away with our Wii and controllers, my DSLR camera, my jewelry and a box of John's with a coin collection not worth much money but also in that box was John's birth certificate. The biggest worry of course is the birth certificate. We've got fraud alerts with the credit bureaus on both of us. 

That they got the camera is upsetting as I still had pictures on the memory card I had been meaning to move onto my computer. Plus I had just gotten that camera and was learning how to use it. The Wii we're not too upset about as we don't play with it regularly. 

My jewelry is also upsetting. Not because it was worth a lot of money but because I had a lot of pieces that were sentimental. The necklace my dad brought my mom from a business trip to Japan. The bracelet and ring that I inherited after my grandmother died. Many earrings from various vacations.

For some reason they left our TV and desktop computers. They must have been in too much of a hurry. But it has been a lesson in writing down the serial numbers of our electronics. I just wish they had been dumb enough to take our iPad, which was sitting out because then we could have tracked it.

We've been asked multiple times where was Cooper when this happened. We've always kenneled Cooper when we're not home. So he wasn't out when they broke in. But we are leaving him out now until we can get an alarm system installed.

A contractor came out on Saturday to look at the door and talk to us about replacing it. While he was here, he screwed in some two by fours across the door so that no one could come in from the backyard. We're also locking the gate to the backyard now.

The feeling of violation that strangers were in my house rifling through my underwear drawer looking for something valuable they could quickly grab to sell and make a quick buck. The lazy jackasses. Part of me wonders if they looked around at the various clues to figure out that they were robbing a pregnant woman.

I'm doing my best to not freak out about it as we're doing everything we can to make our house more secure. And we're definitely getting the serial numbers on our electronics. But this whole thing definitely sucks.


Ricki Holliman-Ryan said...

I've been there...that's how I lost my original wedding ring from your uncle Joe....and since I didn't have a "jewelry rider" on my homeowners policy, it was not covered. It is a BIG intrusion into your life, but things can be cannot...and since you and John and Cooper are's a great day!

Jenn said...

I cannot even imagine what you're going through. I FREAKED when my car was broken into -- I seriously cannot even begin to think about our house. I hope you're doing okay and that you guys can start to feel safe and secure in your home again soon.

AnnetteK said...

OMG Becky! That sucks hard! I'm so glad you're all okay though. xo