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We're having a baby! Our journey to get pregnant was not always an easy one. I wrote along the way. This post is from month ten. Catch up with One Through Five, Six, Seven, Eight and Nine.   

FYI - This post is going to get a little graphic. You've been warned.

At the beginning of this month we got the results of the semen analysis. While there is hope, it wasn't all good news. Low sperm count and abnormal morphology.

(Morphology is the size and shape of the sperm. While abnormally shaped means the sperm have a harder time fertilizing an egg than normally shaped sperm, it does not mean we are at higher risk for birth defects.)

Everything else was normal.

So like I said, we still have hope, but both of us are still struggling with this news. The doctor gave us two options.

#1 We can retake the test in 4-6 weeks as sometimes low sperm counts improve on their own.

#2 Make an appointment to see a urologist.

We decided to retake the test, which we have but once again don't have the results by the time I've written this post. When we decided to take the test again, I did some googling to see if there was anything we could do to try and improve the sperm count. Several forums suggested vitamins and cutting out alcohol.

I don't think John was excited about either, but he was willing to do both. (How do you know if your husband is ready to have a baby? If he's willing to give up beer for a month in hopes of improving sperm count is a good sign.)


The last test was the hysterosalpingography, or HSG, when dye is inserted into the uterus to test for whether or not the fallopian tubes are open.

I went in for this test over lunch one day thinking it would be only 30 minutes. Admitting took at least 15 minutes if not longer. After getting my fancy hospital bracelets and paying for the test (insurance didn't cover it), I get taken back into radiology where the nurse has me pee in a cup for a pregnancy test (I wasn't).

She takes me into the exam room and explains the procedure, what the doctor will do, hopefully what she'll see, what it will feel like, etc. She leaves to get the doctor, and while I sit there by myself, the power went out briefly and came back on after a second. The nurse comes back in, and we joke about how weird it was as she turns the machinery back on. I'm nervous as hell at this point but ready to soldier on by the time the nurse comes back in with the doctor. After a few brief niceties, we get down to business.

I lie back and stare at the ceiling while trying to ignore the fact that my legs are slightly shaking as she inserts the speculum. As she cleans my cervix before inserting the catheter, the power goes out. Again. Only it takes a few seconds for the backup generator to kick on.

Let me tell you something. Lying on a cold metal table in the dark with legs wide open with two people you haven't known longer than 15 minutes who just moments ago were staring at your cervix while a speculum is holding your vagina open is not exactly the most comfortable situation to be in.

With the backup generator, the lights come on but not the machinery. So I lie there, again with legs open and speculum in my vagina, for another minute or two while we wait to see if the power will kick back on. Eventually we decide it's not going to any time soon, and this has already taken enough time out of my day so the speculum is taken out, and I'm permitted to close my legs and sit up.

All of this is hilarious now. But at the time, I just wanted the damn test done.

Since there were still a few days left in my current cycle that we could do the test without having to worry about ovulation, I rescheduled to come back in a couple days.

Luckily, when I went back, the power stayed on the whole time, and I managed to complete the test. (Turns out some construction down the street knocked out the power for the entire block.)

The second time the male radiologist performed the test. Which I was not thrilled about. There's a reason why I prefer a female gynecologist. But I wasn't going to wait another month just to get the female radiologist. So I let the man inject the dye into my uterus. How did that feel? Well. Like bad cramps. Really really bad cramps. But the test only lasted a few minutes, and I blessedly got the results as I sat on the table with four different kinds of fluids leaking from my vagina (KY, iodine, dye and blood).

My tubes are open. Thank you sweet baby Jesus.


Next month we get the results of the second semen analysis, and I start Clomid.

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