Friday, November 9, 2012


October was a successful month.

I noticed that when I ran my ligament pain was worse. So I made the decision, even though it saddened me to make it, to stop running for now. Hopefully, I can start again before my belly gets too big, but I know this is the right decision for my body. This decision made it even easier for me to go to Bar Method classes at least four times a week as I'm not getting as much exercise as I used to.

At the beginning of October I did one of my favorite things: I went to a card making workshop. It spurred my creative juices and I not only came up with a plan for our Christmas cards. I started making them.

The library aka Cooper's room aka room where random crap ended up has officially been all cleaned out. As a bonus, we also bought our king bed so we moved the old queen bed and a dresser into the new guest bedroom. And with that I am allowing my focus to shift to Nugget's nursery. That room still needs to get cleaned out before we can start painting and buying furniture, but we're much closer than we were before.

A month full of win.

November is going to be no less crazy. But I'm still hoping to get a few things done:

1. Clean out the nursery and pick out the paint colors.

2. Decide what direction to go with our headboard.

3. Get ready for Christmas by working on our cards, planning my annual cookie exchange and decorating the house (don't worry, nothing comes out until after Thanksgiving).

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