Thursday, October 18, 2012

Sharing the News

A few weeks ago, I was in California on a business trip. As is natural when you meet new people, you ask questions to learn more about the other person. Given why I was there, the questions started out professional and turned personal the longer I talked with someone.

Do you have any kids?

An innocent enough question. But how do you answer that when you're in the process of cooking your bun?

To say "No, I don't have any kids." wouldn't be entirely true. And neither is it entirely true to say "Yes, I do." (Though now that I think about it the answer to the follow up question "How old?" would have made it so much fun to see if they could figure it out when I answered "-6 months.")

So I answered with "In about 6 months."

The standard reaction was a gasp followed by a quick glance at my belly to see if they had missed the tell-tale sign that I'm knocked up.

So far that has got to be one of my favorite things... telling people that I'm pregnant and seeing their reactions. I mean I had planned the blog post reveal a year in advance. Granted I didn't go so far as to actually write it out (I am a little superstitious), but I did have it mentally written.

To tell our families we didn't really say anything. We just showed them a picture I had on my phone of five positive pregnancy tests. (Yes, I took a lot of pregnancy tests. Ten in all actually. I had a hard time believing I was actually pregnant and would look at that picture every day for the first four weeks until we actually got to see Nugget on our first sonogram.)

The look on their faces was priceless as they figured out that picture. My sister squealed and jumped up and down. But my mom has to be my favorite. She didn't understand the picture when I handed it to her and asked me what it meant. 

To her credit she was exhausted and lying down for a nap when we interrupted her rest because I just couldn't hold it in any longer. There were tears and hugs, and none of us could stop grinning. Those are moments I hope to hold onto for the rest of my life.

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