Monday, October 8, 2012


True to form, the fall has already begun to fly by. I can hardly believe we're already a week into October, and I'm pulling out Halloween decorations.

September was a busy month. Football games, hanging out with friends, a business trip and our big Nugget announcement.

Because I knew it was going to be such a crazy month, I purposefully kept my goals short and simple.

We did get started on cleaning out the library (check). I mentioned in my post last month that it was because stuff had piled up in there. And it has. But the real reason for cleaning out the library is so we can turn it into the guest bedroom, so we can turn what is currently the guest bedroom into Nugget's nursery.

Some weeks Cooper got two walks and some only one. And he enjoyed every single one. (Not quite a check)

I did look at some options to make a new headboard as well as what was available on Craig's List (check). We want to upgrade our queen bed to a king. I just can't decide if I want an upholstered, wood or metal headboard. I'm planning on post on the ideas I've had so far.

Two out of 3 for the crazy month that was September I am calling a win.

For October:

1. Finish cleaning out the library.

2. Attend Bar Method classes at least four times a week. We're doing a fitness challenge, and I'm trying to step up my attendance as part of the challenge.

3. Brainstorm and make a plan for our Christmas cards this year.

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