Monday, October 29, 2012


We're having a baby! Our journey to get pregnant was not always an easy one. I wrote along the way. This post is from month nine. Catch up with One Through Five, Six, Seven and Eight

When my period was nearly a week late, I was breathless with anticipation and heavy with hope. But every pregnancy test was negative. And then my period did come.

Only this month I was not nearly as heartbroken as I had been in recent months. Mostly because I had my doctor appointment which kept my anxiety focused on that instead of whether or not I was pregnant.

Last month when my doctor told me she wanted to come in, I had no idea what to expect. I wasn't sure if she was going to tell me to keep trying or if we were going to start the testing. So after we talked and I told her our trying to conceive story, she started to explain the three tests we would do. I was incredibly relieved to hear that she wasn't going to tell me to wait.

Having the potential of the tests to focus on took so much weight off my shoulders. Because now I felt I had something to do. Something more tangible to focus on instead of just trying and waiting another month only to have that bitter disappointment fill my stomach once again without any understanding of why.

The first test was a blood draw to see if I am ovulatory. The blood must be drawn between Day 21 and Day 23 of a woman's cycle. By some stroke of luck, my appointment that day was on Day 22 of my cycle. So before I left, the nurse drew my blood and a couple days later, she called and told me that I was ovulating.

Honestly, I expected that we would get positive results on that test since I have always gotten a positive result with the ovulation predictor tests I had been doing since December. But it was still fantastic to hear that I have been indeed ovulating.

The second test is the semen analysis, which we don't have results back on yet. And the last test is the HSG when dye is injected into my uterus to see if my fallopian tubes are open. But that test won't be for another week as we have to wait until after I've stopped bleeding from the vagina but before I've ovulated.

So now we just wait.


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