Thursday, October 25, 2012

Growing Pains

(And now I'm not the only one with that song stuck in my head. You're welcome.)
I knew as we started trying to get pregnant that when we were successful, I would start to put on weight. This I knew. What I did not know, or expect, is how much I would struggle with it.

It's because of the determination and hard work I put into my weight loss during the Year I Got My Groove Back. It took me many months to reach my goal weight. It was hard but I did really well and only had a couple weeks during that time that I would consider setbacks. Now I'm scared that losing any residual weight from this pregnancy won't be as easy or smooth as it was back then because I'm now older and no longer single. 

(Let's face it, being single was definitely a perk for me when I was losing weight because I could focus completely on what I needed to eat or not eat and didn't have to worry about if John would like it or if a kid would eat it, and I could avoid keeping trigger foods in the house.)

I don't want to say that the pregnancy weight is going to waste all my hard work from five years ago. Because it's not. The truth is I will have a healthier pregnancy due in part to that weight I lost. I'm just doing what I always do. Which is stress about something before I need to.

I keep trying to remind myself that with determination and focus, I can lose any weight I need to.

But my growing pain is not entirely mental. I'm experiencing some actual physical growing pain. Something no one ever told me about: round ligament pain.

The round ligament is what supports the uterus. But the uterus grows at a faster rate than the ligaments. So when I stand up too quickly or roll over in bed, I feel a sharp pain. Luckily, it never lasts longer than the movement that causes it. But there are days when it can be extremely painful to stand up.

You might think that working out would make it feel worse. Interestingly, Bar Method, I feel like, is actually helping stretch those ligaments. It's the running I've cut back on. Not because I think the running makes the pain worse, but because there are days when I wake up feeling really tight in my hips, and I make the decision to not push my body because quite frankly it's being pushed a lot by Nugget right now.

I am bummed about not running as much, but I keep trying. And because I'm only running once or twice a week at most, Cooper is getting to go on more walks now. You know he's happy about that.

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Jenn said...

Ah, all the things about pregnancy people don't tell you. I expect you to warn me on every level, once I get pregnant, what I'm in for! :)