Monday, July 23, 2012

Hatred of Sound

It is no secret that the quickest way to piss me off and annoy me is to shake/jiggle a leg or foot or smack/pop your gum anywhere that I could see or hear you.

I never knew where this aversion of mine came from. I was in college when I realized there is absolutely no way I can concentrate if an offender is within eyesight or hearing, and the only way I could figure out how to get through class without becoming really, really annoyed at start shooting dirty looks around me (which is no way to make friends) was to sit in the very front row where the chances for annoyance were far, far lower.

Sitting in the front row also helped with the classes themselves, which was a bonus for this nerd. But the main reason I always sat in the front row wasn't for the grades. It was to avoid the gum chewers and the leg bouncers.

I couldn't just deal with it. The more I tried to ignore the tapping and popping next to me, the more distracted I became. So I moved and welcomed the peace and focus in the front row.

It wasn't until last week when I stumbled across this that I realized A) this is an actual thing and 2) I'm not the only one. It may be a self-diagnosis, but the symptoms and description of the reactions are dead on for me.

So I'm choosing to believe misophonia is why I can't stand the leg shaking and gum chewing instead of being crazy or a bitch.

Okay, I'm still a little crazy.

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