Friday, July 13, 2012

Bends in the Road

The night was already not an easy one. The three of us had spent the last year and a half as tight as a lid on a pickle jar. Countless afternoons and evenings spent with each other laughing, drinking and making so many memories. But that night we were packing up one of us and saying goodbye as she moved on to that next stage in her career and life.

True to us, we tried to make the most of that night, but it still ended in many, many tears.

As two of us drove back into the city, I thought about my own next steps. I was weeks away from saying goodbye myself. To my friends. To a city I had fallen in love with

I had no idea what waited for me back home other than my family and a transfer to a local Starbucks. And I lost it. 

Always I had known what my next step would be well before I needed to take it. College after high school. Graduate school after undergraduate. But at that time, there was a big bend in my road, and I couldn't see past my headlights. And it freaked me out.

I'm a planner and don't do well with an unknown future. Never have.

But just a few months after that night I cried for the unknown, things worked themselves out. I got my first high heel job, left the world of food service and eventually moved to Dallas.

That's what I need to remember and just trust that once around that bend, I will be able to see again.

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Omy said...

Well said.