Thursday, June 21, 2012

Stretch It

In The Bar Method, the teacher will provide feedback throughout the class. Some of it is positive reinforcement, some is encouragement to power through a hard set and some is posture correction to help you get the most out of the posture and exercise.

Occasionally, the teach will come over and physically help you by gently guiding your body deeper into the correct posture.

There is one stretch called the butterfly stretch when we cross our legs like we're sitting in a chair while lying on our backs, grab our ankles and then pull them to our shoulders. It is a great stretch for the butt and hamstrings.

But I never know where to look when she's helping me stretch in this position by pushing my ankles even closer to my shoulders as she stands over me.

Do I look into her eyes? Do I look at the ceiling past her head? Or do I just close my eyes?

Since it's just so damn awkward and I never know what to do, I usually end up doing all three.

But as long as I don't make any inadvertent sex noises, I'm probably okay.


Michele said...

That's interesting that she helps you with that stretch - I'd feel awkward just by that!

Krista said...

Next time you should TOTALLY make an inappropriate sex noise just to see what happens! THAT would be funny!