Friday, May 4, 2012


I was two for three again this month. I actually got my windsurfing rig out of the garage, dusted it off and took it to the lake where I got a little sailing in. Wasn't a lot. But it was definitely more than I have in recent years.

And I've been doing the Bar Method for about 5 weeks now. I LOVE it. It kicks my ass every time, but I feel great. I can totally feel myself getting stronger. I'm looking forward to when I'll actually be able to see the difference, but I think I have a few months to go before that happens.

While I didn't get the three bathroom doors prepped for painting, I did get two prepped. Though admittedly one is the bedroom and not the bathroom door.

Who knew sanding doors would take so much effort? I started out one afternoon thinking I'd knock out all five doors (3 bathroom, 2 bedroom) and only managed to get two done before I lost all energy and motivation for the day. So maybe this was more of partial credit since I did get two doors done.

And as a bonus, we got the cabinet doors hung back up. It looks so much better. If you ignore the ugly counter that we will be replacing.

Before (These aren't the best of pictures so it's kinda hard to tell what color the cabinets used to be. But hopefully you'll be able to tell a difference with the afters.):


So much better right?

Goals for May:

1. Get in another day of sailing
2. Sand the remaining doors and paint all 5.
3. Buy some new plants and get them in pots.

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Jenn said...

Your cabinets look great! And, you're making me want to try barre. Must. Find. Groupon.