Thursday, April 5, 2012

Watch Yo Head

Back when John and I first started dating and we only saw each other a few times a week, we often talked on the phone at the end of the day. I was usually the one to actually make the call as John is not much of a phone talker.

So the day he called me mid-morning while at work, I knew something was wrong before I even picked up the phone. It had turned out that he had been laid off . So when he called me this last Valentine's Day once again in the morning I knew something had happened. My stomach dropped as I answered. Thankfully this call wasn't as big a deal (thank you sweet grilled cheebus).

He had been rear ended, but he was okay. The car had some damage but was drivable. But the best news was that the other driver had insurance. He went home from work that afternoon as he didn't feel well. But other than that he was fine, so we weren't too concerned.

And then we flew to Chicago.

The first morning we were there, John woke up acting a little goofy and his speech jumbled a little. I had assumed his blood sugar was low as that's how he tends to get in those situations. So I gave him Gatorade. But his speech continued to be jumbled. Not the whole sentence just a word here and there. He confused shirt and shorts and couldn't remember the word shampoo. And he had trouble remembering the names of his extended family, details about where he worked, etc. This went on for a few hours. And then he was back to normal.

I had no idea what was going on. My overactive imagination was in hyperdrive coming up with way too many worst case scenarios. I was terrified. At what was going on. At what would possibly happen. But thankfully he did get better and as soon as we got home, I sent him to the doctor's office. And there's been no trouble since.

After several weeks of doctor appointments (one with our gp and one with a neurologist), CT scan and EEG, the conclusion reached is a concussion from the accident in combination with the flight caused the memory loss.

The tests came back normal, and the doctors weren't concerned. So things are back to their regularly scheduled programs, and I'm no longer panicking and imagining the worst.

But if he ever hits his head again, I will be paying very close attention to his speech.

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Jenn said...

WHAT?! That is crazy -- and scary. Did he have a small concussion? I can't imagine flying with a that would be a good idea.

But, I'm glad he's okay. Scary!