Monday, April 2, 2012


Last month I let go of what I could. I wasn't always great about it. Because let's face it. I'm me. And sometimes I just can't let something go. But I did manage to not focus so much on what I can't control. There's only so much time in this life, and spending any of it stressing over something in which I have no control is just wasting it. So this month I focused more on what I could.

I did not keep up with throwing out something every day, but the days I did, I threw out more than one thing. Which to me is just as good.

But the big question is the bathroom cabinets. Did I finish painting them? Indeed I did. It came down to the wire as I was putting the final coat on them Saturday afternoon. But paint them I did. I don't have pictures because I haven't hung them back up yet. What? My goal was to paint them in March. Not to have them painted and hung back up.

Three for three. Pretty damn proud of myself this month.

With the bathroom cabinets painted, I at first had trouble thinking about what to make my goal for April. But I've since come up with a few things.

  1. Take my rig to a lake and get some windsurfing in.
  2.  Try out The Bar Method.
  3. Prep the three bathroom doors for painting. (And maybe paint them.)

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