Monday, March 26, 2012

Looks Don't Always Kill

As I finished my run and turned into the walkway up to my house, I caught the movement before I actually saw him. I mistakenly thought he was a neighbor's cat at first.

And then I saw the beady eyes and knew he was no cat.

Tumbleweeds blew across the dusty street as we stared each other down. Each of us willing the other to make the first move, but neither wanting to actually move.

We weighed and measured each other for strengths and weaknesses. I was bigger, yet he was quicker.

My fingers twitched at the keys in my hand.

After a few tense seconds during which you could hear the strains of a soundtrack from a Western movie, he turned and sauntered off into the darkness of the pre-sunrise morning.

As I passed on my way to the front door, I paused to watch him leave.

Possums may be able to play dead but stare them down long enough and they'll walk off.


Peggy Sue Brister said...

All I can say about Possums id EEEEEEEK!! I has TWO of those bastards find their way into one of my big outdoor trash cans one time and they started fighting each other and trying to get out. Once I opened the lid and looked at them they both showed me their teeth and started hissing at me. I finally figured out what to do. I taped the lid back with duct tape then I kicked the can over and ran as fast as I could up onto the porch. I wanted to get far away so they couldn't get me but close enough to where I could see that they actually left and got away from my house. They are ugly and mean creatures that will bite your face off. They are crazy!!

Jennifer McCormick said...

I've run into a couple possums when I'm out running, but I think racoons scare me more. We have HUGE racoons in our neighborhood. I also ran into a coyote once. We both kinda panicked ;).