Friday, March 2, 2012

Elfa For Life!

Welp. February has officially ended. And once again I didn't meet all of my goals. But dammit. I missed it by only half of one.

- Install a new water heater. Check.
- Paint the master closet. Check.
- Install elfa in the master closet. Check.
- Paint the trim and cabinets in the master bathroom. Half a check.

Now the water heater and elfa we didn't install ourselves. But they were projects on our list so I considered them goals.

And there just wasn't time to get to the trim and the cabinets in our bathroom. But I did get the trim done. Forward progress always makes me feel happy in the pants so I don't feel bad at all about not getting to the cabinets.

The original plan for the closet was to paint the ceiling and walls before the guy came to install the elfa last weekend. Only with the sudden passing of John's grandmother we were out of town for much of the time I was counting on for painting. So we only managed to get one coat of paint on the walls prior to the elfa. 

After it was installed we finished painting and are officially [mostly] moved back into our closet.

You guys. If I loved elfa before, I must be obsessed now. Because my closet is AH-MAH-ZING.


During the painting:


Moved back in:



La said...

Love it!! It's amazing how much more space you have now that the elfa allows you to in an organized way utilize the vertical space as well as the horizontal space.

Jennifer McCormick said...

I have wild closet envy. So much room! So organized! Looks great lady :)

Omy said...

Love it!!