Thursday, March 15, 2012


Saturday night I went with a couple friends to a Chinese foot spa for massages. I had never been before so I was a little nervous. But luckily my friends had clued me in so when I walked into a room of six large comfy recliners instead of individual rooms with single tables, I didn't freak or accidentally get naked.

After I plopped myself down in a chair next to my friend and soaked my feet in warm water for a few minutes, my massage began. The therapist had the tiniest hands, and she worked on my feet like she had a mission. A mission of pain. Yet the rubbing of my feets didn't hurt. It felt great. Except for when she was working on the toes. That tickled. She spent 40 glorious minutes just rubbing my feets.

And then that dominatrix pretending to be a masseuse had me flip over so the real torture could begin. You would think that the name of the place (Foot Spa) you would get a foot massage. But you get a full body massage.

The shoulders and neck part was great. A little rougher than I'm used to but nothing I couldn't handle. It was when she moved to my lower back that was the real beating. I still can't figure out what exactly she was doing back there but whatever it was hurt like hell.

That part was torture, but the whole experience left me so relaxed and dopey that it felt like I had been drinking for hours. I was sore and bruised the next day. Seriously, bruised. They may not have been black and blue, but they were definitely bruises.

And yet I will be going back. I'm addicted to the cheap torture of the Chinese foot spa.


Anonymous said...

I'd check with a doctor, non Chinese masseuse before I went back. Protect your back. Bruises are not a good sign. Find another foot massage place.

Becky Mochaface said...

Actually deep tissue and reflexology are perfectly safe. The soreness was gone in couple days. Non Chinese spas that do deep tissue cause the same soreness. It has nothing to do with the place I went to.

Jennifer McCormick said...

OMG! That's crazy! I've never heard of Chinese foot rub, but it actually sounds kinda intriguing.

Jen said...

"accidentally get naked" might be the funniest thing ever. Awesome.